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Movie Compound History
Welcome to the Movie Compound! Unlike most movie sites you may frequent or happen upon, this one is about you. We're here to provide you with the best coverage and insight into the film world as we possibly can, and we want to hear what you have to say. We review movies, we discuss movies, and generally we celebrate movies, products of the greatest art form on the planet. One warning though: we write what we write for ourselves, we just rely on the hope that you may or may not like what we have to say but respect it all the same. We will definitely show you the same courtesy. Always keep this in mind while perusing our site: we're just movie fans, same as you.

If you have any questions or comments about the site you can contact us at, and if you need to contact us for any other reason you can reach us at our various individual addresses (found on each staff member's "about" page and at the top of each individual's reviews or features). You can also leave us messages or talk to us at our forum. Forum registration is FREE so feel free to come and join our community! You'll get a much greater insight into our staff and contributors, as well as our closest net-pals.

And please do not think that you do not make a difference in what goes on here. In fact, you can become an integral part of it. We are always on the lookout for some quality contributions to the site in any way, shape, or form. If you have any questions concerning contributions, or if you think you have a contribution for us, e-mail us at Now, here's a little info on the history of the site and of its founding fathers and staff:

Our history starts quite a bit before the development of the site you now see. The first of many short steps towards building this site happened back in 2001. Bored at work one day, Boat found his way to's message board. There he began expressing his interests and [oft-hated] opinions. He also ran into Nate Yapp, the webmaster of the Classic-Horror Webzine and The Reel Critics.

While searching for horror movie websites one day, Chris happened upon a link to the message board for the Classic-Horror Webzine, which opened up a whole new world to him in more ways than one: not only did Nate give Chris his first movie reviewing experience after reading his replies to posts concerning Halloween and its first sequel, but it also gave Chris and Jenn Dlugos the chance to become acquainted. Not long after Chris began reviewing for Classic-Horror, Nate decided to start The Reel Critics, bringing Chris along with him. This is where Chris, Boat, Jesse Rose, Sam Gournay, and Jenn came together for the first time.

The Reel Critics group hit it off a bit more successfully than Boat did with the FilmHobbit users or Chris with Classic-Horror's. Because of this, they all decided to branch out together and share their very similar tastes and opinions with other users on other boards. A short time later, Sam broke off trying to find his knack for reviewing by founding Only-Film, and Nate closed down The Reel Critics he could review full-time with FilmHobbit. The gang was on its own and struggling to build a place that could capture more members to their sort-of movie and cultural "cult". Chris created The Chrismeister’s Palace of Love to satiate his needs. The site had a small loyal following but it wasn't the well-rounded movie site all were hoping for. Boat and Chris struggled with the design and topics for quite a while until a man by the screen name of "sharkey0903" descended from the net-heavens.

He quickly latched on to the two movie addicts’ ideas and plans. Sharkey (real name Matt Agland) helped out with their boards’ designs and the intricacies of the more technical features that they had no idea how to work. Sharkey also had his own site and board with a strong following, This inspired them once more as Chris created the Hollyweird Webzine (with Jenn and Jesse). Sam kept on truckin' with Only-Film, and Boat went mad and created the Trifecta Empire. Sharkey contributed his web know-how to each of these upstart sites as Boat, Chris, and Sam lent their support to eDVD.

Each of the four sites was semi-successful for about a year and picked up some interesting members to and from each board. Each member made their homes in the little ring of boards created by the quadrangle of webmasters. It didn't take long, however, for the group to devise a bigger and better scheme (it may have been the illusions of grandeur that the massively epic Lord of the Rings flicks gave them that was the true inspiration). The central idea was, "Why have this ring of sites and boards with pretty much the same topics and same members when we could have one massive site and one massive board to rule them all?"

Everything the group had going on was soon placed on the back burner. They set off to begin the creation of what you now behold: the Movie Compound. Besides wanting to create a collective opinion and discussion outlet for their small but loyal following, they wanted to create a site where any movie fan could come and express their feelings and opinions without the persecution and flaming that the Movie Compound gang experienced at FilmHobbit and Classic-Horror. Hollyweird and Only-Film were closed shortly after the development of the Compound began, and eDVD became the basis of operations. It didn't take long for the members of eDVD to catch on that something big was beginning to take place. To compound (pun intended) the members' curiosity, the Compound insiders began touting signatures that bore the ominous teaser line that is now legend among the group: "It's Coming..."

The site officially opened during the month of March in 2003 and was perceived as a huge payoff for the members of the group who waited patiently to find out what exactly was "coming". It was also a huge payoff for the insiders who worked so hard to bring the people their master creation. Over the next year, the Compound picked up new members as the exposure for the site spread. The Compound has just recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, a landmark that no other creation by the group could accomplish. And with over 125 reviews & features (as of March 15th, 2004), as well as a very active message board, high-quality merchandise, and a slew of affiliate links, there are no signs that the Movie Compound will be slowing down any time soon.
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